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New data journalism curriculum with Tableau

Just a note about a curriculum project I’ve been involved in that has just launched. It’s a series of modules for journalism profs on teaching data journalism using the Tableau Public platform and Tableau software. Tableau is rolling it out for journalism professors (no cost) and I’m available to answer questions, etc. The goal is… Read more »


Investigative records on doctors, via AJC

Journalists: Use the data from AJC to examine sexual misconduct by doctors in your state.


Jan. 24: Cleaning and visualizing

There are a lot of ways to clean up messy data.


Jan. 19: The pitch

Pitching the story

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Jan. 17: Negotiating for data

Negotiating for data


Jan. 12: Searching the haystack

Backgrounding: how to effectively find and vet information and data.


Jan. 10: A little SQL refresher

A little SQL refresher


Welcome to PADJ-TWO

What’s this class all about?